Friday, April 25, 2014


So they finally got the blood work back and put me on the cellcept. I started it Monday evening after dinner and boy with in and hour did I feel it. I got dizzy and nauseous, I felt like I was plastered to the couch and then had to go to bed. The next morning was slow going, but by noon time I was feeling better. Of course I haven't felt any of the good effects from it because it will take about three weeks they said. So after that night I said I'm going to make sure my belly is completely full then I'll take the meds and so that's what I did and it wasn't as bad, and by the third night I didn't feel too dizzy at all. I guess it takes some getting used to, that's why I'm only on it so far once a day. The doctor said once I do blood work again and go see him and see how I'm handling it then he will up the dose to twice a day.
   I'm still very overwhelmed with all the pain in my bones and my muscles and I'm still extremely exhausted.
It seems like everything has become such a chore. I'm trying to get my husband to understand that I just can't do all this housework anymore, and do all the grocery shopping in one day. It seems like whenever I want to just chill with no noise and no one bothering me, he has a list this big. It drives me so crazy and whats even crazier he wants to do it, but just telling me all the things that need to be done and I know I can't do it all just hearing about it drives me insane, because I feel like it is my job as a woman to do the shopping with him so I could get things I like too, but instead it just stressed me out and we have been bickering about it all day. I can't seem to relax myself.I kinda feel smothered. I want to be somewhere where there is no noise, no tv's, no phones, no people, no one to bother me and no STRESS.
I'm so stressed out over being stressed out that I can't even remember why I'm stressed out... and it's stressing me out!THATS ME

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