Monday, December 1, 2014


I have to say I love going to this doctor. I have gotten more answers in a week than I have had in ages. Really I'm not kidding. He told me why my left eye goes blind every so often...he says when I'm flaring the blood vessels in the brain constrict from inflammation how about that.... Doctors sent me everywhere for all different tests which I understand they have to check it all out, but he gave me an answer.....this week he made me more herbs i'm still low in serotonin and progesterone and he added something in it to help with ibs and sleep. He also gave me these little things in my ear to pinch everyday for a week. they kinda feel like a stick in the ear but it is to detox my liver, help my kidney function ,and to trigger the brain to work better and inflammation also he put one in there to help sleep next week we will switch ears.