Saturday, March 22, 2014


Its been a while since I wrote anything. I have been so tired (hahaha) who isn't that has lupus. I feel like I've been flaring for over a year now. I can't seem to get my complements back up. That's how my rheumy knows I'm flaring. Well anyway he figured my meds are no longer working. I have been on lefunimide 20mgs now for about seven years or so and of course prednisone this past year I've been up and down on it and now doc says that's not working either so I'm back down to five mgs. He wants to give benlysta a try, and I think that sounds great at this point I will do whatever I need to do to start feeling better. So there is a list of stuff I need to get done before going on it and that's if my insurance covers it, but if not he said they will fill out some forms to get me help to pay for it. I need to see my neurologist to make sure its not affecting central nervous system, I have to make sure I'm not suicidal and I had to get tb test and chest xray. So far got the tb test. Going Wednesday to neurologist. Xray Friday and have to see my primary week after. hopefully after that it's a go. I have been reading alot about others on it and they are doing great. I even heard my husbands cousin is on it and she feels great and my daughter was telling me about someone she knows mother that has been on it and doing good. So I'm hoping for good results I will keep you posted let you know how it's going.