Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Well it never ends, before I was taking cellcept my doc has sent me for a mess of tests one was a chest xray.
So I had went and  it showed I had a nodule on my lung so of course being a cancer survivor I was let's say a little stressed. So I had to go for a cat scan and see what was going on. well I went and it all turned out fine they said just check it every 6 months to make sure it doesn't grow.
   When I went for that cat scan they found a nodule in my thyroid so doc wanted me to get an ultra sound.
I went and just got back results on that and i have them in both thyroids so now I have to see an endocrinologist. I thought I was stressed with the lung nodule hahahaha now I'm more stressed and from what I understand alot of people get nodules, but also when you have one autoimmune disease you tend to get others and I was looking online about thyroid nodules and it had a few different things one disease is hyperthyroidism and some of the symptoms is extreme tiredness same as lupus and intolerance to heat, muscle aches, hard time climbing steps, weight loss anxiety and heart racing and loss of sleep all of which I experience but that could be due to my lupus and fibromyalgia we will see.

Monday, September 15, 2014


This is baby Michael I call him Mikey. I say he's so strong cause in this video he is less than three weeks old
and he is already turning over. It happened last week when we had the super moon I believe it was Monday anyway my daughter had recorded it because he did it like three times in one night. The nurse had come earlier that day and said to do tummy time with him at night it gets them tired and maybe sleep longer so that what she was doing when he turned over

Saturday, September 13, 2014


So sorry it has been a while. Actually a long while. Alot has been happening around here.
I'm finally up to 2000 mgs of cellcept and have been to see rheumy a couple of times since then and no change complements are still low and not budging. This has been one bad flare that don't want to leave, but I'm not giving up. Still got to live some kind of life this summer we had a babyq for my daughter and son in law who just had their third child IT'S A BOY 10 LBS 11OZ 22 AND 1/4 INCHES. My first grandson now i have 6 grand daughters 1 grandson and a grand-baby on the way due in December.

  I haven't written so long because my brain is burnt. I can't even think anymore.  Anyway here a little entertainment that we had at our babyq all the kids sang to the parents to be