Saturday, March 7, 2015

oh my aching stomach

you must think I'm a chronic complainer but since the last time I made a post February 7th I went to see my daughter in Port St Lucie and wanted to make sure I was doing good so I can babysit they had a wedding to go to and I was great felt good strong enough played with the kids and then came home on Sunday went with my husband to see my brother in law who's a snowbird came to visit got home that night and in the middle of the night my stomach started I was so sick. I thought I had food poisoning because I ate a Caesar salad at an Italian restaurant that's how bad it was, but then found out my daughter had the stomach flu the same time I did so that ruled out the food poisoning and then my granddaughter got it but they all got better and I still never got better we are now in March and today is actually the first day that I feel half decent. my stomach has been swollen I lost my desire to eat, had bad cramps in my stomach, had diarrhea for almost a month now, on and off one day I'm fine one day I have diarrhea so I've been living on Imodium AD then to the doctor like at least once a week. I think they're really getting sick of seeing me he said it was gastritis after the stomach bug but he sent me for an ultrasound on my gallbladder liver and pancreas anyway I don't have the results for that yet hopefully everything's okay and I'll get over this he also told me that because my immune system is so bad that it takes me so much longer to get better than the normal person and my symptoms are never the same as anybody else. I lost almost eight pounds this  past month. I've also been real dizzy and lightheaded this month too and so the doctor is weaning me off wellbutrin because my husband thinks that ever since I've been on that I've been light headed and dizzy and nauseous and feel faint all the time and I think it's working that I'm coming off of it cuz I'm not as bad as I was. I still have this really bad taste in my mouth that drives me crazy and everything I eat tastes funny so I haven't been enjoying food and I'm afraid to eat anything because I keep thinking I'm going to get cramps again so I don't know why but I've had this urge to make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and I've had this gluten free recipe from Pinterest that my daughter gave me and so I made them they are very sweet or just could be my taste buds because they're so off, but they came out really good and they were really easy to make that's what I've been trying lately is to do as much gluten free us possible thinking it could help.