Friday, April 11, 2014


Ok so I went to my rheumy this week and now I have to wait till blood work comes back that I had done today to make sure he could start me on cellcept. He told me about it that I am going to be taking it twice a day and it's an old med and pretty much like the other meds I've been on like imuran. I was on that for years.
 he also said I still should go get all those other tests I was supposed to get for benlysta just in case this don't work. So Tuesday I call his office and hopefully they'll call me in a script. Oh yeah I forgot the took me off my lefunimide now just on prednisone. I am looking foward to feeling better

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Yes this is how I feel everyday. I had to get dressed this morning to go get blood work then came home and back in the pjs

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