Friday, April 4, 2014


Well I started to set up all the tests I needed so I could go on the benlysta, but went to my primary care this week and he put a halt on it and would rather see me on cellcept because I am a cancer survivor. He said not enough testing to see if I should be on it. So he called my oncologist and asked him what he thought and told him what would you rather see her on and he said cellcept. So he called my rheumy and told him it was not a good idea to put me on benlysta and he said "OK" of course and so when I go to him on Monday hopefully he will start me on it. I didn't have to go through all that testing either. I'm so happy about that cause I  would have had to have a mri and a mra and i really can't handle those machines (very claustrophobic) although they would have given me meds to relax me.My primary is very caring he was so worried about it. I'm happy I have him.
   I really can't wait to be on anything at this point that makes me feel better. Too much pain and so exhausted all I keep hearing myself say is" I can't do this no more." well anyway that's my story 

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