Monday, February 20, 2012


That's how I feel like running only if I could hahaha. I am getting tile in my home but they have to rip up all the old stuff (laminate and tile). My husband and I have done all we needed to do and prepare for this and you know me I'm ocd I need to be clean and perfect and oh in control, but guess what? I have no control and want to scream the noise is sooooo loud and the dust is still flying and you see the thing is no one understands what I go through to clean and it gets to hard for me and my body gives out.  Even the love of my life don't get it. No one does, but I know you understand what I go through. I am sitting in my room with plugs in my ears and split a half of Xanax with my cat cause we are both freaking out.I would have went to a hotel but then thats extra work packing up.  Oh well I needed to get this out. Thanks for listening. I'm not crazy I'm not

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