Friday, November 28, 2014


YES happy to say I went through the biospy and it wasn't so bad although I did take a xanex before the procedure which helped, and the staff was very nice. It was guided with ultra sound and over within 15 minutes. Well Wednesday this week I went to endocrinologist and he said it was benign just need to check blood wood in 6 months and have ultrasound in a year. That was the best news for me being that the last time I had a biopsy it was cancer only it was the breast. Any way my friend who works for an acupuncturist
made me go in and see him because she hasn't liked the way I looked so I went to see him the first time and he made me some herbs to drink but was not able to do anything else because of my inflammation. The inflammation is supposed to go down with the herbs. Then he will be able to do more. Of course they tell you to continue to listen to your doctors and take your meds as prescribed because this is just to help you through it. I must say it is a very relaxing place like going to a spa so if you could and have the ability to go I would recommend it. I have been on the herbs almost a week yes they taste gross, but the last two days I actually felt happy which I feel like I haven't in a long time which has to do with stress, anxiety and my lupus. Also I only got up in the middle of the night twice to go to the bathroom. AMAZING!!! USUALLY ITS EVERY 2 HOURS LIKE CLOCKWORK.... So whatever he's putting in there I think is helping. That's another reason why I don't feel good as he says the good energy goes in but because of autoimmune system it has nowhere to go and just sits in the stomach that's why I can't pee right and I'm always tired and achy.
So we shall see what happens this week. I'm very hopeful and trying to stay positive because I would really like a measure of life back at least a little.

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