Tuesday, November 4, 2014


So I went to endocrinologist on Thursday  and he said I have an enlarged thyroid which means it a goiter, not like you can see it or anything I wouldn't have known if that cat  scan wasn't done. The reason why its enlarged is that I have more than one lump in there and they are big. One is bigger than 1.5 cm. He said it hasn't affected my hormones because the tsh is perfectly fine, so he gave me three options, some people like to just remove the whole thyroid, or you can do nothing and check it in 6 months and see what happens or you can get a needle biopsy which would be what he recommends. I told him my primary said its not cancerous don't worry. Since that is a big worry for me because in 2006 I  had breast cancer and a mastectomy and reconstruction and chemo and I had the kind of cancer that was aggressive meaning it can show up anywhere at anytime. so that was my concern and he told me that my primary can not say that unless he was some kind of higher power that knows these things. So now I have to wait to be set up by my primary docs office to get this done. I should not have looked on you tube for this because now i'm even more scared to do it but I know I really don't have a choice and if I could go through all that I have been through with cancer and chemo I could do this. I just have to suck it up and close my eyes and be a big girl.So needless to say I have been a crazy stressed out person. I also went to my rhuemy the same day and no change with blood work not any better and he doesn't want to increase my meds until he knows whats going on with the thyroid. It's nice to know that they all work together. I will keep you posted.Fibromyalgia/ Chronic illness

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