Friday, October 10, 2014


Well it's official we finally did it. We have been trying to see how to cut the bills for a while trying to see how to get rid of cable. Well we had triple play xfinity and so all we really needed was the internet because we do get free basic cable through our condo association, but it seems that every time my husband would get on the phone with them they made it sound like we couldn't do it. I finally got this lady who helped us out and all we need is the box that unscrambles the cable and that's what we did. even though we have hdtv it doesn't come in hd we switch it over to antenna and it looks great plus we bought a blu ray dvd player and it's amazing cause now we get neflix and amazon prime and pandora and lots of other goodys that work through it. So in the long run we didn't give up anything but the big bill, and i'm happy about that.

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