Saturday, April 28, 2012


Drawing of the digestive tract. The stomach, liver, large intestine, small intestine, appendix, and anus are labeled.I am so sick of feeling horrible. Anyone lactose intolerant? I'm sure you understand. It seems just when I get a handle on it it happens again. I eat something that has dairy. Do I forget or am I just dumb? I don't know, but ohhhh does my stomach kill me. It's amazing cause it happens within a half hour. The cramps then the gas and it stays till the next day. This week I went on a taste test to earn my 25.00 dollars which in fact is a great way to earn that little extra when you need it. It was a chicken cordon bleu sandwich. Ok I knew it had cheese so I took a lactaid pill before I ate it and don't you know all I ate was a few bites and I still got sick from the cheese and it was bad not the sandwich the cheese was a killer. Oh well maybe someday I'll learn from my mistakes. So anyway I'm including this site that explains what lactose intolerant is and the symptoms. When I read it I realized how I got it. I had cancer 6 years ago and of course  had chemo and that's one of the ways you get it.

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