Saturday, August 6, 2011


It's called rain rain go away only the writer changed it to fit in with us lupies
I thought it was so could I thought you'd love to hear it.

Rain, Rain Go Away!
Rain, Rain Go Away! You make my joints flare up all day! If I do too much I'll pay! And sleep away the rest of my day!
Rain, Rain please leave my town! You make it so tough for me to get around! A pain killer that works, I have not found! Rain, Rain Please leave my town!
Rain Rain you make me weep! As all I can do is try to sleep!When my joints are stiff and pain is deep! Rain rain you make me weep!
Rain Rain you're leaving now? The clouds are parting, as I say "Ciao" Can't you leave faster... don't you know how? Get out of my town, I'm tired of my joints screaming "OW!"
Sun Sun your back again? I have not seen you since I cannot remember when! But wait... Now I cannot go outside until the day's end! Or my lupus will flare, and a rash will begin! OH when you're a lupie, you can NEVER WIN!

here is the site I got it from

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Michele said...

it's sadly funny. lol