Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Yucca is great to add to your diet I have found not only is it good for you but it is delicious. At first I would just boil it and make a garlic sauce which is really good, but then I started to do a few different things with it to experiment. I mashed it it's like sticky mashed potatoes. I also make it in chicken soup which is my favorite. It give the consistancy of the soup a thicker more flavorful taste. Here are some of the benefits give a try you will be happy you did

Benefits of Yucca:

It helps form a protective coating on the intestinal walls.
Helps eliminate pathogenic organisms. Destroys deadly viruses. Encourages growth of friendly bacteria.
Helps conquer lower grade intestinal infections. Reduces inflammation and swelling.
Reduces intestinal symptoms, and disorders.
Decreases accumulation and growth of intestinal wastes in the colon. Beneficial in colitis, and diverticulitis.
Dissolves out and eliminates intestinal mucus and the wastes on the intestinal lining.
Relief of constipation, intermittent diarrhea, intestinal gas.
The Yucca root has a laxative and cleaning action in the bowels. This accelerates colon elimination.
Relief of cramping and abdominal pains; often very rapid relief – - in minutes.
Lessens soreness, stiffness and swelling of joints, in some arthritides – - at least those related to intestinal toxicity and putrefaction.
Lessening of headaches – - migraine type.
An effective treatment for sores, scabs, and skin rashes.
Lowering of abnormal cholesterol.
By its cortisone-like action it helps offset stresses.

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