Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Well its been a crazy month. After I made my last post I went for stress test and the very next day I was at my doctors because of a cold that I had gotten after the pneumonia was gone anyway while I was there the cardiologist called my primary and they were scared they said that I had a major blockage in my heart so they rushed me to the hospital no going home because they were afraid I was going to have a heart attack. So we went and they admitted me and the next morning they did a cardiac cath and it was all fine no blocks at all.
All I have is the left bundle branch block which is probably from my lupus that's what the cardiologist said it's most likely destroying the nerves which I could live with and there is nothing they can do about it anyway except take the medicine to slow my heart rate down so I don't get to dizzy and lose my breath.
  They sent me home that evening and I didn't make it in the house had to call 911 because I got dizzy and was fainting. Made my husband put me on the ground cause I was going down. Well they took me back to the hospital and they admitted me again and they did every test under the sun even a carbon monoxide test.
They said it was a bad reaction from the anesthesia most likely again from the lupus and all the meds I take.
I'm home now and recooping it is still making me a little lightheaded when I do to much but other than that I'll live.   Well today is a new day and now I have urinary tract infection so back on antibiotic fun, fun, fun.
I'm so grateful that I have a wonderful hope for the future, so all this chronic sickness doesn't get me down because I know that soon our heavenly father is going to put an end to all sickness (Isaiah 33:24) and he will wipe away all the tears from faces there will be no more death no more pain the former things will pass away. ( revelation 21:3&4)

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