Monday, October 8, 2012


The past couple of nights I've been waking during the night with major back pain that I could not get comfortable for nothing. I have also been (more than usual) exhausted which is pretty exhausting. Yesterday when I got out of bed I felt pain in my pelvic figured maybe gas, because whenever I have a uti I never had pain. Today I even had a fever that's how I knew it was more than gas. Wow I must say this pain is horrible and making me nausea. So even though I have no insurance my doc made me come in for a urine sample and they called in a antibiotic for me. The nurse told me publix supermarket you could get free antibiotic amazing even that was for free today. Can't wait for my medicare to kick in next month. Having no Insurance really stinks and it's funny since I haven't had it I keep having all these problems. 


Terrie B said...

I've been googling for blogs about Lupus and linked to yours from a blog called Mommy's Broken, Karen from Jasper, Alabama. I was wondering if you knew her recent status, there have been no blog updates. Wondering if her PAH has improved.

I have MCTD, and I am not even sure if that is just an umbrella and i also have Lupus or what... but the symptoms are similar so the rehumy says the treatment is the same either way. Where I live we have LOUSY Dr's so you pretty much have to get sicker then come back to see the Dr so they have something broken to treat... they arent interested i being proactive.

Anyhoo, just wondered if you know her any better than just the blog and if you have a status.

kathy s said...

Hi Terrie, Sorry I havent seen anything about her either and I only know her from the blog.
I hope you get the help you need. what is MCTD? I have lupus brain I don't know much of anything sometimes.