Saturday, July 16, 2011


Another great side effect is losing hair.....I'm happy i have alot of hair, but it falls out like crazy. One thing that helps is biotin. I found that out when i had cancer and I used it to make my hair grow back faster it really works. now the top of my head is thinning so i still use it it could be either the disease or the meds.


sddonlon said...

Hi there!
I saw on the Lupus boards that you had thought of trying Henna instead of hair color, and just wondering if you did, and how it worked??

kathy s said...

hi sddonlon,
yes I did try the henna I used it for about three or four months. my hair seemed nice and healthy, but the problem was I couldn't get just my roots done because it was so thick like mud so the bottom was more red than the roots, and I felt like I was doing it every two weeks so I went back to dye. The nice thing about the henna was the color did not fade like hair dye.